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Science Professors at University of Louisiana

My college years served me well, especially my years at TCU while studying with Lili Kraus. But in my first year, I was invited to a special class at UL, which had nine students and four unusually inspired, dedicated, and passionate professors, one each for math, physics, biology, and chemistry. We met around a large table, starting off each discussion from the umbrella concept of energy, blazing conversation trails into science that left us inspired to study more for the next session. In-between these deep discussions, we worked through intensive labs that illustrated whatever concepts we discussed.

The net result was a series of intensive classes in science, rooting us in the scientific method. We worked as biologists out in the field; worked out theorems with particle physics; ran chemical experiments to reveal structures ranging from those found on earth to those on other planets. We immersed ourselves in the world as scientists.

I think the people involved—the passionate professors and the amazing classmates—made these classes particularly influential. Since I was studying art and music and writing at the same time, with the same intensity, I  synthesized a blend of science and art that has become the foundation of my professional work.